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Introduction to Philosophy Reading #2

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Since no one has disproved that ethnic Ďdiversityí is a sufficient condition for a Ďbetterí learning environment, then it must be the case that ethnic Ďdiversityí is a sufficient condition for a Ďbetterí learning environment.


Sean Penn just returned from Iraq and he says that Saddam Hussein is a great leader of the Iraqi people. That settles it for me. Since I love all Pennís movies, then Saddam must be a great leader of the Iraqi people.


The war in Iraq is morally wrong because President Bush is a failed Texas cowboy, frat boy drunk, who committed fraud and bribery to wage it.


When the attack is indirectly against persons, suggesting that they

hold their views chiefly because of their special circumstances or interests, it is

called a "circumstantial ad hominem."


I find it interesting that all the Senators who voted for drafting 18 year olds into the military are themselves well beyond draft age.



So Bill Clinton lied about having extra-marital sex in the Oval Office of the White house. Cool! Everybody lies about sex.


You canít fail me in this course! I NEED this course to transfer to University, and my parents will kill me if I donít transfer this semester.


I can assure you that deciding the beneficiaries of my estate will have nothing to do with the amount of love and affection people showed to me during my lifetime.


I say we should support affirmative action. White males have run the country for 500 years. They run most of government and industry today. You can't deny that this sort of discrimination is intolerable. (The author has proven that there is discrimination, but not that affirmative action will end that discrimination.)



Donít you support home education and the God-given right of parents to raise their children according to their own beliefs?


Every time I find a penny in the parking lot at the 7/11 I always win some money in the lottery that day. Well, guess what? I found a penny today so therefore, Iím a lotto winner for sure.

The reason Iím so popular is that everybody likes me.

As a general rule, men make more money in the marketplace than women do. Therefore, since Iím a man, I make more money than the woman Hillary Clinton.


Opra Winfrey is a woman and she is paid more money than any male talk-show host. Therefore, female talk-show hosts, as a rule, are paid more money than male talk-show hosts.


 If guns are outlawed, then only outlaws will have guns.




My name is Schvink, and whadya-think, Iíll press your pants for nothing (?) (!).

Iím thinking of buying a new Macintosh e-book computer and I found out that the onboard speakers are real cheap. Therefore the laptop itself must be real cheap.

Smith College is a very wealthy college. Iím dating a girl from Smith, so she must be very wealthy.


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