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The Acropolis in Athens, Greece

These pages are intended to assist students enrolled in any one of my philosophy classes regardless of the university.  If you look at the navigation bar, you will be able to locate your particular course.  Clicking on it will take you into that course's area.  Each course will have an introductory page, a course syllabus, list of assignments, additional required readings, and notes to help you master the subject matter.  There are also illustrations throughout of noted philosophers.

In the "Table of Contents" page you will find a complete listing of all the pages on this web site, except for the individual readings for each course.  The table of contents can help you to find particular pages, and to give you a sense of the overall layout of the web site.

The "Resources" page is for all students.  This page contains recommended readings, reference material, web sites, biographies of philosophers, etc. to help provide you with a wider, and more fulfilling, experience in the course and beyond.

"Who Am I?" is a page to give you a better understanding of who your instructor is, and what his other activities are beyond the classroom.  This page will lead you to my curriculum vitae.  It will also lead you information about my bookstore in St. Matthews.

Within the "Events" page I will be making informal notes about local opportunities that have some philosophy connection.  For those interested, I hope this page will lead you to other  events that will be interesting to you.  My list will note local speakers at the campus, local, state, regional, and national levels.  It will also list the conferences and the like.

Mortimer J. Adler

Photo at right:  Mortimer J. Adler (1902-2001), American philosopher.  He helped to create the Great Books of the Western World and The Syntopican.  Author of many books.

"FAQs" is designed to give me an opportunity to list the various questions, along with answers, that come up in class with great frequency.  There is no particular arrangement to the material.  Questions are certainly a part of any philosophy class, but if you'll glance over these it may help to keep us on the more pertinent questions of class.

As for office hours, I would prefer to meet with you before or after any class.  Otherwise, if this is not convenient, I can make an appointment with you. 

Simply contact me by email, phone, or in-class, and I will make the appointment with you.  I do check my email, and I do answer my emails.

My contact information for students is as follows:

    Work phone:        897-5578 (located at my bookstore)

    Home phone:        634-9658

    Email:                  tcfout@bellsouth.net

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